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Cakes and Yard Sales and Road Trips, Oh My!


A cake due in two days, a yard sale seven years in the making and yet-to-be-decided vacation in two weeks~~What better time to create a blog!
As has become my routine for the last several weeks, I’ll head home from work this evening and grab the fondant and buttercream and create a masterpiece that anyone would be proud to eat.
I’m no Buddy CakeBoss (yes, that’s his real last name) or Duff AceOfCakes, but
I do love to sling some buttercream. I’m working on my fourth cake for the month of June. “Fourth? That’s nothing!”, you say. “Fourth! What the hell was I thinking?”, I say. Four cakes on top of one full-time job, one part-time job and a not-yet-financially rewarding “career” as ScareFest Administrator. So yes, things at the Kirkland compound are a little chaotic right now.
Since the four hours of sleep at night seems to be overkill, let’s plan THE yard sale! It’s been seven years since my last one. That means seven years worth of “junk” or “another man’s treasure” to sell. Vacation is coming up and we could all use a little more cash for the road. The next three days are forecasted to be the hottest yet in 2012. Ingenious! I’ll have THE yard sale then! Another one of those “what the hell was I thinking” moments. So, the junk another man’s treasure has been sorted, priced and prepared. Location is set. Fluorescent poster board & magic marker signs have been created. No doubt, the youngest of The Boys could have written neater than I did on them. Newspaper ad has been printed. This should be fun… I’ll keep you posted.
In the midst of all this, we’ve got two weeks to plan our family vacation. But, I’ll save that for another day.

So, what’s your plans for the next couple of days?

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