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We’ve Got Plans!

Days of the Dead was good this past weekend. I love checking out the other conventions, but of course my heart will always belong to ScareFest. We’re the best, that’s why. Things have been hectic around the Kirkland Compound the last couple of weeks, but I have managed to find time work in some vacation planning.

We had it narrowed down to three-quarters of the country. Not bad… New OrleansThe deep south is just too damn hot this time of year, so NOLA is a no-go.

Niagara FallsNiagara Falls was a close second, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Eventually maybe, but not now. At least not until that giant baby starts wearing Little Swimmers.

So, from the get-go I’ve had my sights on South Dakota.

Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore

That’s better. From my weeks hours of research, I’ve learned all there is to know about visiting South Dakota. Or, at least all I need to know. The Black Hills, Badlands, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore. Scenery. Wildlife. Photo ops. Wild Bill. Calamity Jane. Gambling. Gold mining. There seems to be something for all of us here.

Thank God for the AAA Trip Tik. I freaking love this handy little tool. The annual membership is well worth using this to plan your road trips. You enter your start and end locations and, POOF!, the map appears with the route. The kicker? You can click on the route and drag it to a different road/via point/etc. Since it defaults to the Interstate (aka The Devil’s Way) I always help it out a little and pick the more scenic back roads (aka Path to Nirvana). Then, you can search along your route for lodging, attractions, gas or whatever you believe necessary. Okay, do you get that I love AAA?

When doing road trips, I like to make a big ol’ circle around the area. I don’t like coming back the same way. You can double your sightseeing pleasure with this tactic. Here’s the “agenda” and I use it very loosely:

Chicago Deep Dish> Wisconsin Cheese> Minnesota (because it sits between WI and North Dakota)> North Dakota (because you can’t see one Dakota without seeing the other)> South Dakota> Iowa for catch-up time with friends> Missouri (Smokin’ Guns BBQ and Lambert’s Throwed Rolls)> The Compound.

When you see it all down in writing, our travels really seem to revolve around food. So be it! Eat well, travel often!

Oh, and MDI’s feelings will be hurt if I forget to thank him for naming┬áthe blog. So, thank you Donnie.

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Operation: Road Trip 2012

Let the Planning Commence

Do you ever hear this little tiny voice in your head that starts out at a whisper? “hey…vacation is coming up.” You try to ignore it. After a bit, it’s a little louder, “Umm, Jennifer. You might want to start thinking about vacation.” Yeah, yeah. Finally, you wake up one day and “HEY MORON, YOU’RE LEAVING FOR VACATION IN 10 DAYS AND YOU STILL DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING!!!” That’s where I’m at now.

We are ALL ABOUT some traveling. We are also ALL ABOUT waiting until THE LAST MINUTE to work out the fine details. Not the fine details like “Where should we eat breakfast?” or “What time is check-in?”. But, fine details as in “What part of the country should we visit?”.
Yes, we are all about spontaneity here at the Kirkland compound. Some people plan vacations a year in advance. Around here, King Kirkland likes to wait until all of his co-workers plan their vacations. In my mind, he’s stalking the calendar at work, waiting to move in for the kill. The reward? Leftovers. Our vacation dates are chosen for us. No worrying about what weeks have the best hotel rates, when is the best time to visit this landmark or that park, or even how much extra cash we need to save up. Yes, folks, good ol’ spontaneity. What we’re left with is about three weeks to plan a family vacation that The Boys will remember. Did I say three weeks? I suppose THE Yard Sale and cakes have consumed the other week and a half.

It’s like cramming for a test. We’ve narrowed “The Vacation” down to three choices:

South Dakota

South Dakota

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

New Orleans

New Orleans

Now, in a matter of days I must research each one and weigh the pros and cons. No big deal since I already have my pick in mind. The hard part will be convincing the King that my idea is the best, as always.

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