Pack It Up, Pack It In!

Yes, I quoted House of Pain. Stick with me long enough and you’ll learn I’m a connoisseur of fine musical nostalgia. I can’t believe our trip is already halfway done. My plans were to post all along the way. Luckily, we’ve been so busy I haven’t had time. I know a lot of people take vacations to relax. We’re not those people. There’s so many places to see, on and off the beaten path. We try to cram as many sites in during a trip as we can. In an effort to keep you from snoozing through our trip, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet and retro-post a day at a time.

FRIDAY 7/13: Pack it up!

The Goods

I can pack. That is one thing I do well. I’m pretty sure I could pack enough supplies for a month into three Walmart bags. I’m learning to pare down what I take, with the exception of shoes. I always have to bring those “just-in-case” shoes. You know, the just-in-case we go somewhere “nice” for dinner, the just-in-case my feet get hot, and of course, the just-in-case I decide to go mountain climbing. I figure every decent road trip deserves at least four changes of shoes.Just in case

His philosophy on underwear mirrors my philosophy on shoes. But, for modesty’s sake we won’t even go into his “just-in-cases”.

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